6 months to ORD – planning for reality

I know that my blog has not been updated for a long time! Anyways, I am looking forward to finishing my National Service – 6 months more and I’ll be done! Though it may seem like an awfully long time away, trust me, it isn’t. By just looking at a lot of scholarship/university applications’ timelines, one would see that 6 months is quite a short time to plan on which university to apply or which scholarship to apply to (and actually getting around your procrastination and applying for it!). 

Anyways, here is what I have planned for my future 3/4 years ahead, after National Service.

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Stephanie Koh: Why I am not proud to be Singaporean – an analysis

DISCLAIMER: This analysis is based on a summary written by Robin Rheaume, which is available here:  http://on.fb.me/1dEO51W. I don’t wanna summarise her stuff. Zzz.

Recently, there has been an uproar (of anger and support) towards one Stephanie Koh. I have never heard of her before (yes, I hate music until I can’t even recognise the artistes of popular songs), but some of you might have heard of her before (or not!).

Let me just give my so call thought/analysis on her very casual argument on “Why I am not proud to be a Singaporean!”. If my microphone was not faulty, I would have just created a video. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with her, as you will see soon!

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Patriot who?

As National Day approaches, we are encouraged by the Government (through the grassroots) to show our patriotism towards Singapore by displaying the national flag outside our homes. It is even legislated in the stature, Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Rules:
5. (3) At any time during the period beginning 1st July and ending on 30th September of each year, when the Flag is displayed outside a building or in an open space
Basically, it allows laymen, like you and me, to display the flag without requiring a flag pole or illumination at night, which is something possible to do, as opposed to requiring a flag pole or illumination, like on other days. Reading this, I feel uneasy with the Government’s intention through legislating this , which can be summed up to 2 parts. Note that the word ‘display’ means displaying the flag without a flagpole or illumination (which most of us can’t do, due to the high rise nature of our flats), hence, the lifting of the restrictions during the National Day period.
  1. Why is the display of the national flag allowed only during that timeframe? Isn’t patriotism 24/7/365?
  2. If this piece of legislation is to encourage patriotism during the so-called most patriotic period of time, does a flag really show that you are patriotic?
The Online Citizen has published a blog post on this issue and I would like to put in my own opinion. In this blog post, I will also try to cover the different types of patriotism shown by people, as observed by me. Continue reading
Hello in Three Languages

Top 5: Resources for learning languages

Learning a new language can be extremely tough, depending on the language and the conditions/restrictions that are imposed on you. Perhaps the new language uses a totally different writing script (e.g. abjad, logographic or even abugida), different grammar rules or simply, you have an urgent need to learn a language for a promotion. Hence, resources is king when it comes to learning a new language (or learning in general). Here are the top 5 learning tools you can use to improve your language abilities. Continue reading

Hello there!

I have decided to restart my blog and give it a new lease of life. I hope that this time, the blog would actually last for more than half a year (and get more views)! So what’s new? My personal blog would be revamped from purely personal to a mix of personal and current affairs, so as to allow me to improve on my argumentative and interpretation skills (basically, forcing me to read more for GP). Furthermore, I would also present my arguments here for people to analyse, support, rebutt or learn from. Remember to follow this blog for updates (or maybe, subscribe to my RSS feed) and my Twitter account, skatyboy. See you tomorrow!